Personalized Approach to Care

Dr. Lenard has the tools to help you get through the tough stuff so that you can find peace within yourself. Dr. Lenard's empathy and expertise with a wide variety of research-based techniques allow her to find the path that resonates best for your individual situation, successfully guiding you to a more balanced and fulfilling life. Dr. Lenard continually strives to build partnerships with each person who she serves so that we can find the approach that best fits each person. 

Therapy sessions can be done via Internet with our HIPAA-compliant server or in our Whitefish office. Your privacy is of paramount importance to us.

Currently, accepting out of network for the following insurance companies: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana, United Healthcare. If you have another insurance, I am happy to get registered with them so that you can receive out of network benefits to see me. I am in the process of being able to offer In-Network credentialing for the following insurance companies: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana, Aetna, Allegiance, and Pacific Source.


Our Team

Karen Lenard, Psy.D.

Karen Lenard, Psy.D.

Karen Lenard, Psy.D.


Dr. Lenard specializes in helping you process through your trauma so that you are able to accurately see it for what it is while gradually being released from  its "charge."  In that process, you will better be able to find peace in yourself and genuine intimacy in your relationships. She  works with couples, children, adolescents, older adults,  families, and groups to help them function in healthier balance.

Dr. Lenard  is intrigued with the matter of the soul and the importance of resonance and goodness-of-fit in the journey of healing and ultimately of health, while using sound research-based methodologies. 

Throughout her diverse career, Dr. Lenard has been committed to learning about the people around her and how they became who they are today, in this moment. That commitment has developed into deep empathy and desire to help her clients find peace and resolution so that they can reclaim their best, most authentic selves as well as finding compassion for those parts of themselves that they find most difficult. 

MT License #PSY-PSY-LIC 2975

NJ License #35SI00596200


Karen Lenard, Psy.D.

Karen Lenard, Psy.D.


MacTavish has worked with children as young as 8 years old, adolescents, and senior citizens up to 98 years young. 

Examples of MacTavish's work include the following:

  • Helping a young child accept her parents' impending divorce
  • Helping an adolescent young man be able to express his shame, and so begin to process through it
  • Helping a senior citizen with deep  traumatic grief find healing and connection when she felt utterly alone in the world.
  • Helping another senior citizen find joy and connection in her last phase of life
  • Welcoming veterans with severe PTSD into an anxiety clinic with gentle love and acceptance
  • Helping a horse and some people overcome their fear of dogs

On MacTavish's spare time, he loves to hike, learn new tricks, do agility, and barn hunt. He has earned the following titles:

  • AKC Achiever Dog
  • Canine Good Citizen
  • RATO - Open-level Barn Hunt
  • TKA - AKC Advanced Trick Dog
  • CAA - Coursing Ability Advanced

One of Dr. Lenard's favorite qualities of MacTavish is that he laughs and dances (really, he does!) and greets each new day with contagious enthusiasm.